1) Click the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your screen, then click "System Preferences"

2) Click "Printers and Scanner":

3) Click the + button on the resulting screen:

4) On the resulting screen, click the "IP" icon near the top of the window (printer names have been masked or privacy on this image):

5) Different versions of OS X may handle the next steps differently.

In the box next to "Protocol" select "IPP"

In the "Address" box, type the IP address that your department has provided you with, but do not yet click Add:

6) If, after inputting the IP address, your printers make and model is not shown in the box next to "Use:", then you will need to download the appropriate driver from Ricoh at the following URL:

If you do see your make and model in the box next to "Use", as in the below screenshot, then click the Add button (IP addresses have been blacked out for privacy in this image):

7) If the printer adds successfully with no error message, then you have finished the installation of the printer and may begin printing to it.

However, if you receive the following notification, click the "Cancel" button:

8) You will be returned to the previous screen. Without changing the IP address, click the box next to "Protocol" and select "LPD", then click "Add" again:

If the printer has not been added successfully after clicking "Add" please contact FDS for support.