On October 26th, 2019, the Arts & Sciences file shares (commonly known as the J and X drives) will have been migrated to an upgraded server.

There should be no change to way that your files are organized, or to the permissions of the users accessing these files. 

You can connect to the server from a PC connected to any Ethernet port on the Morningside campus.  

For access via the Columbia WiFi network or from off-campus, please refer to the below guidelines (items 2 and 3).

1) How will this affect me, and what do I need to do to reconnect?

For PC users, this will depend largely upon how you log on to your computer.

  • a) If you log on to your PC using your UNI and current UNI password:
    • You will only need to reboot your PC in order to automatically re-connect to the new server.

  • b) If you log on to your PC using either a username or password that is different from your UNI password
    • Please download and run the attachment on this page named "A_S file shares.bat" and follow the on-screen prompts. 
      • Certain versions of Windows may warn you about this unrecognized application with a screen similar to the one below. If so, please click "more info" then "run anyway":
      • You will be prompted to type your UNI, then press enter.
      • You will then be prompted to type your UNI password then press enter.
    • After running the utility, please verify that the J and X drives are now available on your PC

2) What if I am using a laptop or another PC on the Columbia University WiFi network?

  • The server housing the J and X drives is directly accessible only when connected to the "Columbia U Secure" wireless network.
    • You can connect to the Columbia U Secure wireless network by visiting the following CUIT webpage: https://cloud.securew2.com/public/28503/Groups/Columbia_University_Network/
    • Please choose "Columbia U Secure" from the list options:
    • Click "Join Now" on the following screen:
    • This will download a small utility, which you will need to run in order to connect to the secure WiFi network.
    • This utility will prompt you to enter your UNI and UNI password, and will inform you when you have been successfully connected

3) What if I am off-campus, or am not connected to the Columbia U Secure WiFi network:

  • The server housing the J and X drives is accessible from any location when you are connected to the CUIT VPN (Cisco AnyConnect). Instructions to install and connect to the CUIT VPN can be found on the following web page:


  • After connecting to the CUIT VPN, you may access the J drive from off-campus using the above instructions (1a or 1b, depending on how you log on to your PC)