CUIT and A&S shared drives (e.g., J:, X:, S:, H:,) are fully accessible from off-campus locations using the CUIT VPN. 

  1. If you have not already done so, download, install, and connect to the CUIT VPN as described here:

    You will only be able to connect to these drives AFTER you have succesfully connected to the VPN

  2. Determine which drive you need to connect to. The server of most drives are as listed below:

    J drive: \\\DEPT
    X drive: \\\EVP
    G drive: \\\users\UNI (ex: \\\users\mjs2348)
    H drive: \\\grp2 
    S drive: \\\grp3
    I drive: \\ \ISERP
    N drive: \\ \ECON
  3. Open File explorer and click your mouse in the "location bar", which is highlighed in red below (appearance can differ slightly among Windows versions):
  4. Copy and paste the server location you wish to access from step (2) into the location bar then press Enter (J: drive used in the below example):
  5. It may take a few moments, but if you are connected to the VPN you will be asked to login.

    Your username will be the following:
    ADCU\UNI (ex: ADCU\mjs2348) -- you must include the ADCU\ portion preceding your UNI
    Your password will be your current UNI password

    You may choose to tick the box to remember this password for future connections to speed the process.

    The below image is from Windows 10, and differs in appearance (but not functionality) on different versions of Windows:
  6. When you succesfully authenticate, the share drive will open in your explorer window.

Please Note: If you are disconnected from the VPN, you will be disconnected from the shared drive. You must re-connect to the VPN in order to regain access.