In order to prevent unauthorized users from disrupting Zoom class sessions, all instructors should add a password to their Zoom Class Sessions in Courseworks.

Important Note: 

Students who join password-protected Zoom class sessions via Courseworks by clicking "Join" will not be required to enter the meeting password. This is by design

Students authenticate in Courseworks using their UNI and UNI password. Courseworks then encodes the Zoom meeting password within Courseworks.

Once you have set a password for you Zoom Class Sessions, please distribute the password to your students via Courseworks or e-mail in the event that they do not join the class session via Courseworks.

Only users who attempt to join a Zoom class sessions directly via the Meeting ID will be prompted to enter the password. Most "zoom bombing" is accomplished by joining randomly generating Meeting IDs -- setting a password within Courseworks will prevent those users from disrupting class sessions unless they have the password.

How to add a password to an existing Zoom Class Session within Courseworks:

  1. Login to Courseworks and navigate to the Courseworks page for one of your current courses that has been scheduled via Zoom Class Sessions
  2. Click on "Zoom Class Session" on the left-hand vertical menu of your course's Courseworks page, as shown below:
  3. Click on "Topic" link of the Zoom Class Session (or of the next upcoming session if you have recurring sessions), which is circled in red below:
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the meeting details page and click on "Edit this Meeting":

  5. Scroll to the "Meeting Options" section of the page, and tick the checkbox next to "Require meeting password" and enter your desired password:

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save" -- you must save these changes for the password to take effect
  7. You may repeat steps 1-6 to add a password to any other courses you are teaching within Courseworks.

Once you have saved the changes to your meeting after adding a password, the password will automatically be applied to all recurring meetings of your Zoom Class Session for that specific course