Instructors may schedule their Zoom Class Sessions for remote or hybrid courses directly within CourseWorks. 

These meetings will visible to students enrolled in that course, and there is no need to distribute a meeting invitation to enrolled students.

For A&S instructors, the only prerequisite for using the Zoom Class Sessions feature of CourseWorks is that the instructor must have a Zoom Pro account

If the Zoom Class Sessions section of your CourseWorks page allows you to schedule Zoom Sessions as in the below image, then you necessarily have an active Zoom Pro account:

If, however, you receive an error message of any kind, or do not see the above interface under "Zoom Class Sessions", please contact CUIT as soon as possible at or 212-854-1919 in order to resolve the problem.

Scheduling your Zoom Class Sessions

1) Login to CourseWorks ( then navigate to a Course page for which you are the instructor

2) Click on the "Zoom Class Sessions" link on the left-hand column of sections:

3) Click on the blue "Schedule a New Meeting" button:

4) You may give your meeting any title you wish, or simply keep the Course identifier that is automatically populated:

5) Configure the meeting times and days of your course to match those listed in the Course Catalog:

  • It is recommended that you set the start date in the "When" box to the first day of classes: 09/08/2020.
  • Set the start time of your course.
  • Set the duration of your course (in 15 min. increments)
  • Tick the box for "Recurring meeting", and set the recurrence as "weekly" and "Repeat every 1 week"
  • Tick the boxes for the days of the week that this course meets on the "Occurs on" line.
  • Select the end date of these meeting as the last day of classes: 12/14/2020

6) Complete the remaining meeting settings according to your needs. A recommended configuration from A&S is the following:

  • Please Note: All Zoom Class Sessions must have a passcode. One will be generated for you, or you may create one of your choosing.
  • If you have students joining via telephone this passcode must contain only numbers
  • "Record the meeting automatically": Instructors may choose to record Class Sessions automatically and store them in the cloud. These recordings will be available only to students enrolled in this course
    • Zoom Cloud Recordings are retained for 30 days and are then deleted. If you wish to maintain these recordings long-term, please contact CUIT at or 212-854-1919 and inquire about moving your recordings to Panopto
  • If you have a large enrollment course: You may wish to tick the box for "Mute participants upon entry" to reduce unwanted audio from students in the meeting.

Support Contacts

If you encounter any technical with your Zoom account or the Zoom integration within CourseWorks, please contact CUIT as soon as possible in order to resolve the issue: