NOTE: You must be on-campus and connected to either Columbia University/Columbia U Secure WiFi or via campus Ethernet in order to install and use the MESAAS Ricoh copier/printer

Mac Users

  1. Download and the Ricoh MP7503 driver for your version of MacOS:

  2. Open the downloaded file then run the installer and follow the prompts:

  3. To install the printer, open System Preferences (click the Apple logo in the top-left corner of the screen, then System Preferences), then open "Printers & Scanners:

  4. Click + to add a new printer:
  5. On the “Add Printer” screen, click the globe icon at the top of the screen (on older versions of MacOS, this will be labeled IP):

  6. Select AirPrint from the drop-down box next to “Protocol”, then enter in the “Address” box:
    It may take a moment for the “Use” box to display “AirPrint” after typing the IP address. Once it displays “AirPrint”, click “Add” to add the printer to your Mac.

PC Users

  1. Download the driver installer from the manufacturer on the following page -- choose the "PCL 6" driver:
  2. Run the downloaded executable file and select a location to extract the installer files using the "browse" button (your Downloads folder is a good choice):

  3. Run the "RV_SETUP.exe" application that was created in the folder that you selected in step (2)

  4. Agree to the terms of service then click "Next"

  5. Choose "Network" then click "Next":

  6. Click the button for "click if you cannot find the device":
  7. Choose "Specify a device IP address" then click "Next":
  8. Enter then click "Search". You should see "MP 7503" listed in the box -- select that device and click "Next"

  9. The printer has been added and named "RICOH MP 7503 PCL 6". You may click "finish" to end the installation.