If your Columbia website is returning a 404 server error "Object not found!", it is likely due to browsers automatically routing all websites to the https:// secure protocol, as opposed to the older http://, and that your website URL and server location is on the old http:// protocol. 


The solution is not something Columbia can fix globally for everyone. Instead, you have to change a few things on the CUNIX server in order for the https:// protocol to display your webpage. 

Start by logging into CUNIX. You can use terminal/powershell, or an SFTP program. 

On the command line, login with 

ssh UNI@cunix.cc.columbia.edu

In visual SFTP programs such as WinSCP, DUO authentication will default to your first number/first method. In my case, that's my cell phone with "push" authentication.

Once you're logged into CUNIX, start by taking a full backup of your website files, in case something goes awry. Copy the folder to a backup folder or use the command

cp public_html website.bakcup

Next, move all your website files to a new folder called "secure_html". Rename the folder, or use the command

mv public_html secure_html

This folder should be at the top level of your home directory, e.g. at the same level as public_html was. The https:// address will now resolve properly and your website will show up.

To account for links that may be on http:// floating around the web, you can add a file called .htaccess to the top most level (i.e. in your home directory, same level as secure_html) with the following code, replacing UNI with your UNI. This will automatically forward all pages & links to the new secure location, as well as alert search engines that your pages have moved. Use your favorite editor on the command line, e.g. vim or emacs, or use textedit/notepad on your computer and copy it to the server. Please ensure the file is called .htaccess - note the dot (.) at the beginning. 

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off [OR]

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.columbia\.edu [NC]

RewriteRule (public_html)(.*) https://www.columbia.edu/~UNI$2 [L,R=301]

Your CUNIX home directory should now contain a secure_html folder and a .htaccess file, (plus any other documents you have.) If at this point you still have a public_html folder, I recommend deleting it to avoid future confusion and duplicates. 

That's it! your website will now work again, and any existing links that are written as http:// will automatically forward to https://.